Learn How To Do Plaster Repair on Cracks and Holes
The Easy Way!

Most of the work I've seen over the years is filled with flaws. And patching is the worst of it. That is because most people do not know how to use their plaster. Normally, one will either use the wrong kind of plaster or put too much on. The wrong kind of plaster will fail. Too much plaster will require too much sanding and make an absolute mess! Now, you are spending way too much time doing ..... clean up. ARRRRRGGGGGG! In every paint job, it's the prep work that makes everything else. The Prep work ..... done well..... is 60% of the job. Prep work done well will make the overall job last twice as long. Right there ..... it's worth it! 

In this Page Series, you will learn how to quickly do just about any Plaster Repair ....in any hole or crack that you might run across in your home. Most of the time, holes and cracks look like more of a hassle than they actually are. That is because most of us just don't know how to do it.

And that is why you are here..... To find out How To do Plaster Repair Quickly & Easily and get Better than Pro Results!

Even most Pros don't like to use Hard Mix Joint Compound ....... because they THINK it's difficult to use...... It's not ...... not when you know how to use it.

With my easy How To tips and tricks, that I developed over more than 30 Years...... you'll be repairing plaster and getting Pro results in no time! Many times..... people will either just surface patch the problem or use a commercial "patch kit" that tends to cause even more problems than you started with........

Like The Dreaded Humps created by multiple layers of plaster over the hole or tape line crack repair. 

I never like to use Commercial Patch Kits ..... because they usually cause a huge Bump or Hump...... where the hole was.  And what about fixing the plaster around Electrical Switches, Outlets and Ceiling Fixtures? .......

How can we avoid these problems and get Great Results ...... in less time?

Read On....

Plaster Repair has never been easier than with my tips and tricks!
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Here, You will find out:

What Plaster to use.  

I will show you what kind of Plaster to use. And I will also show you How to use it.

What tools will you need and how to set up the job.

What plaster knives and other tools are necessary to produce the best result?

How to repair Ceiling and Wall Cracks without Humps.  

It's NOT in the feathers. It's in the Feathering!

How to Repair Holes without Humps!

Without Tape,too! Using "Insta-Wall", Repair just up to the original surface!

Is it Wood or Metal Lath Plaster?

What is it and what should I do about it?

What about patching around Switches and Plug Receptacles? 

We always find bad plaster around these areas.

What to do about Water Damage? 

Is that a Powder Puff on the wall/ceiling or just oxidized plaster?

How to use USG Plus 3 as Skim coat.

After taping all of the cracks, it's time to get rid of that road map!




The Outlet Plastering Safety Shield 

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