Paul's Bio

Here is some more information about myself.......

I was born ....... on December 31st, 1958, to Jack & Donna. I was raised in Chicago, Illinois and when I was fresh out of High School, I got a job as a painter apprentice. I worked that for a while and then struck out on my own.

I often say that for what my mistakes cost me out of pocket ...... I could have gone to Northwestern University! You see, I just didn't know nearly as much as I thought I did! Kids ....... what are you going to do.

I was the kind of guy that would get the job and then figure out how  to do it. I made a lot of mistakes in my early days, but I NEVER walked off a job. I always finished. And, I always Guaranteed my work!

One time, when my Big Brother, Bruce, was working with me, we inadvertently used the wrong kind of paint. Man, when it dried did it look bad! OMG!!!!! We had to let it "cure", and 6 weeks later, we Re-Painted the entire house exterior. What a job. I could have just said I was sorry and walked away. There were no home computers in those days. But I didn't. I was very apologetic and we all made plans for us to come back and re-do the house. 

Effectively, the Client ended up getting a very strong complete primer coat on the house. And, then we came back and finish coated it. Everything turned out Great! The Job turned out perfect and I had a Golden Client. And, I learned a lot about what to do when something goes wrong. That was an expensive lesson, but those are the best ..... when they cost a lot, you remember them.

From there I developed the reputation of one who was willing to go the extra mile. When there was a job that "couldn't be done", I saw that as a challenge. I would learn about it, figure it out, find the right solution and get the job done.

I soon gave up the exterior work and focused on interior. They are very different processes with different requirements. Seems like they would be the same ....... but they aren't.

I spent the next several years doing a lot of wall & ceiling resurfacing. When ever a prospective client would talk about removing the old plaster and replacing it with drywall, I would talk them out of it. Instead I would repair and resurface the old plaster. This was the better way to go in most instances. Simple thought ...... Plaster is very insulating, drywall is not.

Anyway, I learned how to use various patching compounds. I found that for almost all of the work I seemed to run into, Hard Set Fast Drying compounds worked best.

I also tried to make the paints I was using ...... better. For instance, I found that adding a quart of eggshell to a gallon of flat gave me a much stronger and durable finish.

I took this attitude and applied it to all of my work. I became known as Mr. Over Kill...... But my work seemed to last much longer than their's. My Clients were typically very happy with my work. And, I always worked for the referral. And because of that ...... I never had to advertise my business.

My company grew to 5 crews and all of the equipment that goes with it. Unfortunately, I had a very difficult time finding good workers that would follow my lead. They typically wanted to do it their way. And that just wasn't good enough. So, after doing the big company thing, I went back to working pretty much alone. My "work" turned to "art".

Now after 36 years of "practicing" decorating, I felt it is time to get out of the field and start teaching. But I didn't want to teach in a classroom. I wanted to be helpful to a larger number of people. The Internet provides us with the perfect vehicle to accomplish this.

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