The Outlet Plastering
Safety Shield

The Outlet Plastering Safety Shield allows you to safely repair the plaster or drywall around electrical switches and receptacles ..... without turning off the power!

In fact ... you can even use the device while The OPSS is in use!   Saving Time & Hassle.

Here's how it works .... The OPSS is a three sided shock proof cover that holds the device away from the wall ... while covering and isolating the electrical terminals ... so the plaster repair can be done quickly and safely!

Drywall or Plaster - Works the same!

Using the strong plaster of your choice (I use Dura-Bond by USG), this is NOT a patch. No, this is a Repair that goes all the way to the electrical box! This allows for proper seating of the electrical device!

So, in the box, you get all you need to make repairs to the typical single & double switches and a 2 plug receptacle. Extra screws if needed & complete instructions. Each Shield will last for at least 50 repairs! That's 150 REPAIRS!

So, click The Outlet Plastering Safety Shield to solve your plaster problem.

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