Learn How to do Interior-Painting
using the tips and tricks of the Pros

Interior-Painting is a project many of us don't want to tackle. With having to move all of the furniture, take everything off of the walls, remove all of the cover plates, take down the curtains, clean all of the dust from behind everything so it doesn't get into the new paint finish.......

And we haven't even started doing The Project yet!

It all seems like way more than we can handle. With a few tips and tricks, together, we can produce the Pro Results that you are looking for! And, we'll do it with much less hassle than we thought! Take a look at what I've laid out for you here......

In this section you will find the complete How To Do Interior Painting Guide.

From moving everything out of the way to taking off the hardware. From setup to clean up, you will find all of the Step By Step Information you need to help you start and complete your Interior Painting Project. I'll provide you with all of the tips and tricks that I have learned on the job over the last thirty three years!

During my career, I worked mostly by myself. I had to learn just how to move everything by myself. I also had to learn how to maximize my effort and be as efficient as possible. For instance, every book I would read would tell me to move all of the stuff out of the room. That is just not reasonable in most cases....

So, how can I move all of this stuff out of my way - but NOT out of the room? I'll give you some really good ideas about that. I'll show you how to setup the room so that everything is protected and you can do the project. I'll give you a complete list of what I would use to do the project and why. The tools. The equipment. The kinds of materials to best accomplish the work.

And even what to do if the paint gets spilled - DON'T PANIC!..... that will only slow down the clean up!...... Click...See What I Would Do.

Step By Step Instructions on
How To Do Interior-Painting.....

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Painting Survey Printout.

This will help make sure you are ready to start the work .....

Setup & Tools.  

What do I use to set up a job? What tools will I use to do the work? Get a bucket of water....

Paint in Proper Order for best results.

Cover the stuff and do the Ceiling first....

Move the stuff out.  

Can you move out the bed? Can you move out the couch? Everything else ...... just move away from .....

What Primer to use.  

I have always liked Muralo #563 the best.

Color Record Printout.  

Use this printout to record your Color Formula numbers.

Green / Eco Coatings.  

What Eco Friendly Finishing products are there?

Using Stencils.  

Stencils can provide a wonderful decorating experience.

Popcorn/Acoustical Ceilings.  

How To remove Popcorn Texture.

Around Switches And Outlets.  

Safely repair plaster around the switches and outlets.

Tips E-Booklet5.  

Download this E-Booklet for easy reading and get my trade secrets in your hands.

Ask Paul.  

If you have a particulars project question that I have not yet covered, please send it to me. I will respond as soon as I can.

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