Interior-Caulking? What's That For?

Caulk is for filling the small gaps between woodwork and the wall or ceiling surface. This area is prone to crack naturally.

Caulk is made to be a little elastic or stretchable. So, as the surface moves, the caulk stretches to  compensate.

But, when it is not done correctly, it can look really bad. So, let's take a look at How To do Caulking the proper and clean way.

Interior-Caulking For Painting ......
will show you how to achieve Great caulking results!

Interior-Caulking For Painting will show you how to fill many things that will give a much better appearance. Most of the time, because there is not enough info in the store, people end up using the Wrong Caulk for painting.

With so many kinds of caulk on the market, how do we find out which one is The Right One? Silicone, Latex, Oil Based, Caulk Adhesive, on and on..... Let me start by saying.....

Don't even think about buying straight Silicone Caulk. It does NOT work well on most tile or bathroom fixture surfaces. And, it is the most difficult to re-do. Think about it..... they now make Silicone Cooking Utensils ..... Why? ...... Because Nothing Sticks To It! So, why would Silicone Caulk stick to tile? Actually, it starts releasing soon after it is used. Then, the dreaded Mildew starts to grow underneath it. Ever see that black or brown dirt that just won't clean off of the tile/tub line? Mildew! EEEEEEK!

Interior-Caulking For Painting in the Kitchen & Bathroom.

Most People will use Straight Silicone Caulk around the Tile, Tub & Sink areas. I never achieved proper Professional Results with that type of caulk. The old silicone caulk was way too hard to remove. It STINKS! And, straight silicone caulk does NOT clean up with water. There IS a better way.

Learn How To use a 'Snap-Off Blade' to clean off the old caulk. This MUST be done in order to get Pro Results! And, a 'Snap-Off Blade' is the perfect tool for this. I'll show you just how to use one and You will get those Professional Results that you are looking for! Interior Caulking for Painting around windows, doors and baseboards. This is a detail that makes everything look perfect.

But, some people don't do this because it looks messy. I'll show you how to do this right with no mess!

I'll show you the Quickest, Easiest and Cleanest way to apply the right caulk to your painting project.

Interior-Caulking Made Easy!
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Caulking Tools

What tools will you need to do this part of the project?

Silicone Caulk

Why I never use this material.

Remove Old Caulk  

How to remove the old caulk and clean the surface.

Color Caulk  

What is Color Caulk and How To use it.

Caulk With Plaster  

Should I use plaster instead? How do I do that?

Kitchen Counter  

Strip the old caulk out and re-do.

Bathroom Caulking  

Strip the old caulk and re-do it.




The Outlet Plastering Safety Shield.

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