Learn Drywall-Repair the quick and easy way!

In this section, you will learn how to do Drywall-Repair the quick and easy way.

Professionals know many tips and tricks to help the work go much smoother and

faster. Plus, most of the time, drywall problems look far worse than they actually


What kind of plasters would I use and why.  

I would still use Dura Bond Plasters because of their versatility and exceptional strength.

What tools would I use to get the job done.

Whether I was repairing Plaster or Drywall ....... The tools I use would be about the same, too.

What kind of Drywall-Repair or Taping
problem do you have?

Repairing Ceiling or Wall Cracks. 

How To repair ceiling or wall cracks in Drywall without Humps in the plaster.

A  Crack above a door?  

Very typical. This normally happens when doors are slammed. Don't worry, everybody does this!  Well, almost everybody.:-)

A Doorknob hole? Or worse - A BIG Hole!  I'll show you how to make the                                          Drywall Repair just up to the original surface.  

No Tape Humps in the middle of the wall!

Don't fill that hole with Drywall!  And don't use one of those Surface Patch Kits!

Those kits cause other problems like Raised Humps in the wall. They are a bad patch, not a Repair.

Maybe you have a Drywall Tapeline that is coming loose?

When a home has been built by a cost cutting developer, often the Drywall Tapelines will not have enough Taping compound applied. The result - they start releasing all around the room. 

I'll show you how I would cut the loose tape out and repair the Tapeline.

What about the area around The Switches and Outlets?

Check under the Outlet and Switch cover plates. Do you have any broken or missing plaster? If so, this is not only dangerous, it cost money as well. If this problem exists, there is a very simple solution.

Check out The Outlet Plastering Safety Shield!

Water Damage?

Water Damage can be cause by many things. Determine where the water is coming  from. Don't worry, I'll help you.  The Drywall Damage itself probably looks worse than it really is. Together, we'll figure out how bad it really is.

Plus 3


Tips E-Booklet3

Whatever the problem, I will show you everything you that I know about how to do the actual Drywall Repair, not a patch.  And I'll show you how I would make the repair Quick and Easy! 

I'll show you what plaster to get and how I would mix it. Premixed patching compound IS NOT what we use. That stuff is good for patching, but NOT - Repairs!

I'll show you how I would quickly apply it, and then give it a quick sand and it's ready  to prime & paint it.

Got a problem I haven't covered yet?  Use the Ask Paul Form to ask me directly about your specific problem.

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