Decorative Venetian Plaster

In this series we will be discussing different types of Decorative Venetian Plaster and how to apply them. It isn't as difficult as it looks. And, this can add a Beautiful Finish that can be used as just an accent on a wall to a whole wall or an entire room! You Decide!


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What is "Venetian Plaster"?

The term "Venetian Plaster" seems to have become an umbrella term that covers many different types of plaster finishes, in the same way "Faux Finish" covers many different types of decorative painting. I.E., Sponging, Ragging, Marbling, Shadow painting, etc...

Within "Venetian Plaster", we have Polished Stone, Metal Effects, Old World Tuscan, Distressed Leather, and many others.

As with any product, each manufacturer will give them all different names. Just look at the different names given to "blue" in a paint fan deck and you'll know what we mean.

"Venetian Plaster" started out many centuries ago in Venice, Italy. At the time, people of standing loved the way Marble, from all over their world, looked. The problem was that real marble was too heavy to actually use. It would sink the building. So the craftsmen of the day developed a way to add "pulverized" marble powder to plaster. This would give the material a polishing capability that would leave a polished stone look.

Today, many companies have developed products that give not only "polished stone" appearance, but other appearances as well.

With each of them, a desired effect is accomplished by layering multiple coats of materials to achieve the differing looks.  You can see a little of the textures and designs that are achievable with these products. But nothing compares to seeing them and feeling them up close and personal.

These finishes give that "WOW" effect every time.

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