How To Do...
Decorative Painting

Here you will find information on How To accomplish Decorative Painting.

As we will see, Decorative Painting is different from Faux Finishing. And, there are many different patterns to choose from. Actually ..... sky's the limit! It's art after all! Do whatever you want.

I'll show you a few ideas that you will be able to do yourself ...... or, use it to spark a Great Idea of your own!

Decorative painting, when you know what is involved,....... isn't really that difficult. You will amaze yourself ...... and your friends!

Check out images of painted ceilings. Picture this ..... 

Recipes For Favorite
Decorative Painting Finishes....
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Marble Frottage

Shadow Stripes

Using Stencils


Granite Spatter

Wild & Wavey

Color Wash




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