So, You want to know how to do Plaster-Drywall-Repair-And-Painting and Save Money!

In this Website, Plaster-Drywall-Repair-And-Painting, I will show you step-by-step how to repair the most common problems in your Painting Projects. Then, I'll show you how to do all of the preparation and finally ...... how to put beautiful new color on your walls and ceilings, but first ....

OK.... You look around your place and you know that you would really like to freshen up the walls. But, in this economy, it’s hard to think of hiring a Pro. 

But you’re not quite sure how to go about doing it yourself.

Well, don’t worry. We’re going to work together and help you to achieve terrific results & save you a lot of money & hassle!

Why is it that I want to do this?......

Who Am I? And just what is my experience?

Hi, my name is Paul Zemit and I have been a Painting & Decorating Contractor for over 33 Years in the Chicago Area. I am also a US Patent Holding Inventor. 

I just need to figure things out. 

I put that attitude into my Decorating Business and because of that, I have been able to help my Clients much more effectively… Here's just one small example - 

One of my Clients had a Love Seat in the kids room. It had a broken metal leg. They didn't know how to get it fixed.  I just happened to know a small welding shop and was able to get it repaired for them - No Charge to the Client. I took the opportunity to be helpful to my Client. They seemed to like that about me.  

I have found the same availability of The Right People with just about everything. 

There is always someone around with the right stuff. We just have to find 'em.

And that is what I'm going to help you with - Finding The Right Stuff.

And living in the Chicago Area has given me a very broad range of Construction Materials to work with .... 

From Plaster to Drywall, Wall Coverings to Venetian Plasters,.... if it’s interior work, I've done it. And for most of my career, I've worked by myself......

That means that I had to move all of that furniture myself. Not to mention all of the set up and clean up of most jobs. I have found many ways to make my work very efficient and clean.

My work has also taken me from Chicago to Florida to Texas to

Vancouver Island, BC, Canada and back to Chicago.

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What I've learned over more than 33 years,
about Plaster Drywall Repair And Painting,
I am going to Pass On To You!

By following the Step By Step process here, not only will You know what is going on .......  But, if you want to, you will be able to repair those problems like a Pro! 

If you are a Decorating Professional, 

you’ll be able to give yourself a Pay Raise!


Come on in, let Plaster-Drywall-Repair-And-Painting

Show You How…

First, let’s take a look at some Common Concerns:

What problems should we look for?

What are the right tools to use?

How do we do Plaster Repair in that hole in the Plaster or Drywall?

How do we Repair the plaster around a switch or outlet without getting shocked or turning off the power, using The Outlet Plastering Safety Shield ?

Why do those marks keep coming through the paint and what can we do about them?

Why should we use a primer in Preparation and which primer is the right one to use?

How can we get straight paint lines like a Pro?

What is the Right Paint to use? And why?

Now, Let’s see what to do about it…

How much would it cost for a Pro to Fix It?  

Let’s figure that out together.

Should you Hire a Pro – Or Do It Yourself?

If you want to hire a Pro, here’s what to look for: 

Start with a seasoned veteran, 15 - 20 years of experience. He/She will know the special problems to look for. This person may cost a little more up front, but their knowledge is well worth it and the work will last a lot longer. 

The Best way to find a Pro is to go to your local Paint Store and ask them for a referral. Normally, they will give you 2 or 3 names for you to call. Call each one and have them come and take a look at what you want them to do. They should then give you an “Estimate” of what the work should cost. Then you can decide which one you should hire.            

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Should you decide to do the

Here is the order in which I would do the work?

  1. Inspect The Work.
  2. Go to the store and pick up supplies.
  3. Make sure I have everything I need to do the job.
  4. Cover stuff with painter's plastic.
  5. Repair the plaster/drywall and do the patching.
  6. Shave the walls & ceiling.
  7. Vacuum Dust.
  8. Cover stuff and lay down drop cloths.
  9. Prep & Paint areas according to project.
  10. Vacuum the drop cloths. Really, it will make clean up easier.
  11. Fold the plastic into itself and discard.

To Do It Yourself, all you have to do is this…. 

Follow the Step-By-Step Guides for your Project.

Click the links at the left for your Project Guide.

What will you get out of this Website?

You’ll get Start to finish Preparation and Painting Guides, including:

Room / Job Survey Print-Out – A Check list for each part of the process - And, we’ll work up a list of everything you need for the Project & give you an Applied Color Chart.

Know what you need before you need it!

Know what to do and when to do it – before you start!

Inside you’ll also find what you need to know all in the proper order.

How to Repair Plaster. OR...... How to Repair Drywall. Then, How to do Interior

Caulking. Next-How to Complete The Preparation. And Finally, How to do The Painting.

And that’s not all. You’ll even find other Step-By-Step Decorating How To Tips &

Projects to make your home The Beautiful Home you want it to be!


I’m sure you will able to find what you are looking for right here in  

Whatever the interior Painting Project is, you’ll find the right Step-By-Step Guides 

Here, all laid out for you. Do you have a particular Decorating Question? 

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But if all you need for now is 

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